July 2020

    - Publication of 'Simulation of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus replication cycle: application to antiviral therapy'

May 2020

    - Publication of 'Monte Carlo simulation of SARS-CoV-2 virus replication cycle: application in antiviral therapy'

April 2020

    - Start project Pharma(C++).solutions, integrating Virus(C++).pro software

March 2020

    - Publication of 'Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: Analysis of subgenomic mRNA transcription, 3CLpro and PL2pro protease cleavage sites
      and protein synthesis '

February 2020

    - Development of CoV(C++).pro application, a module of Virus(C++).pro software, for SARS/MERS/2019-nCoV coronavirus

January 2020

    - Genetics VLC offers courses on bioinformatics (Monte Carlo, python...)

December 2019

    - LinkedIn company account Genetics VLC
    - Website update
    - Development of Immune v1.0

November 2019

    - New contact form (website)
    - Publication of 'Simulation of a HIV-1 virus infection of a CD4+T lymphocyte by Monte Carlo - ISBN (E-book): 9783346054678 (GRIN)'

July 2019

    - Publication of 'Simulation of HIV-1 virus cycle with fortran 90 / C++ - ISBN: 978-3-659-78218-3 (Lambert publishing)'

June 2019

    - Development of v1.0, including protein estimations
    - Development of v1.0

March 2019

    - Start website
    - New Email
    - LinkedIn account Genetics VLC

July 2018

    - Genetics VLC is created
    - Start programming