Software applications for Coronavirus SARS-CoV2:

        Diagnostic tests
        Antiviral treatments - Fusion inhibitors / protease inhibitors / RdRp inhibitors

  Coronavirus CoV(C++).pro - Protein estimation during 72h ©

  Coronavirus CoV(C++).pro - Protein estimation unstabilities (low transcription rates) ©

  Coronavirus CoV(C++).pro - Number of SASR-CoV-2 virus in 10 days per host-cell (with antiviral therapy) ©

  Software applications for other virus:

        Protein concentrations
        Efficiency Antiviral treatments

  HIV(C++).pro - Protein estimation in the cytoplasm during 72h until host-cell apoptosis ©

  3D Proteinomics

     3D Protein models (Swiss Model, UCSF Chimera)
     Protein/protein + Protein/RNA interaction
     Epitope mapping
     Protein synthesis
     Protein files scripts (Fasta, PDB)

3CLpro proteinase - SARS-CoV

RdR polymerase - SARS-CoV

2'-O-methyl-transferase - SARS-CoV

Helicase - SARS-CoV

Reverse transcriptase (RT) - HIV

Integrase (IN) - HIV

Capside-1 (p24) - HIV

Capside-2 (p24) - HIV

  Surface Disinfection of SARS-CoV2:

        Chemical disinfection: Ozone (O3), [Cl-] ...
        Physical disinfection: UV, Temp ...

  Surface disinfection of SARS-CoV2 with [Cl-]